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Manual Lymphatic Drainage

In order to emulate the natural muscle action on lymph vessels that moves lymph around the body, the Therapist is required to use a very gentle form of massage - a light touch is all that is needed particularly in those areas where the lymphatics are close to the skin’s surface.  As such, and as a side issue, it is a deeply relaxing form of massage.  Manual Lymphatic Drainage works through the application of these gentle skin-movements - techniques which encourage the movement of lymph and which help to create alternative paths around blocked areas into more centrally located lymph vessels, allowing eventual drainage into the venous system.  An improved Lymphatic system:

Combined Decongestive Therapy

Combined Decongestive Therapy involves compression bandaging, applied after MLD treatment - it helps prevent the accumulation of lymph fluid in the tissue.  

CDT also involves exercise therapy and skin care advice.  It is also used extensively as an adjunct to the management of primary and secondary Lymphoedema.